Another one from myself and Tara. It’s an application to the playable cities project. I will update with more details after we have submitted the application on April 10th.

Simple Ball game

Double-T productions. Some nonsense that me and Tara are playing around with. Trying to make stylistically and mechanically simple games with simplistic assets.


Canterbury Tiles

Screenshot 2015-03-17 02.13.01



more info coming soon!

The Fox and the Hounded


kitchen background

More info coming soon!

Panda or Monster?


My partner, @davetheallthing, and I made this one evening to (a) have something to bring to 1GAM the following day, (b) make something small to put on the android store in order to learn its process and requirements and (c) so that he could prove to me that he could design a small game ;)

We used music by @ClockworkOrch and open source art (panda by @danielmahon, monster by BeatEmorBurnEm), which I mangled together with my own creations as best I could.

We really need to put in a score board… At the time of writing, I have the top score of 31 points.

Panda or Monster can be downloaded for Android here.

Star Courier


Screenshot 2015-03-17 02.08.58

Screenshot 2015-03-17 02.09.24

So, just back from the twelve-hour Galway game jam (theme: hidden worlds), where Dave, Ben and I made Star Couriers (music is Azimutez by Sci-fi Industries).

You can play it here (plays best on Chrome) or download a zipped build from here.

Last Words

Concept video here.

Peace Pit

May happen someday?