I’m Tracey, a developer, gamer, wandering fool and enthusiastic, optimistic adventurer. I’ve been working as a backend java developer for the past five years. Before that, I worked in wireless communication, specifically physical layer software radio. My degree was in computer and electronic engineering and I am a big fan of fiddling with things and finding out how they work.

I first got into coding when one of my lecturers offered an Xbox to the person who implemented the best space invaders clone. For the first time in my college life, I produced something that was playable, something that was mine and something that seemed complete. I felt empowered and decided to study computer science further. Somewhere along the way, that excitement got lost in a sea of financial technology and a need to earn cash (the rent has to be paid).

This year I found the Irish game dev community, where I rediscovered the excitement I had first felt all those years ago. The people who surrounded me were excited, they had made something of their own and they were proud of it. They wanted to show it off, wanted feedback and wanted people to play their games and smile. They weren’t cogs in a huge machine, who considered them a resource and not a person.

As a result, I started learning unity – I saw how fast people could put together workable games and was impressed. I’ve been mainly working in C#, preferring it to JavaScript (I like my objects to be typed). In general, I make games with my partner Dave and thus far, they’ve been pretty small but I’m working on getting a few of them out there soon. You can see the nonsense I’m working on here. I’d really like to get involved with a few more projects so hit me up if you’re looking for an over-enthusiast code monkey to help with your project. Links to my Twitter, LinkedIn, email and the other million social media sites that currently exist are to the left!

My new found excitement means I would love more time to work on my own projects, so in a fit of madness myself and Dave looked at some places that are cheaper to live in than Dublin (and allow us to sit out in the sun, sipping beers and making games). We’ve booked our flights and are heading to Indonesia in May to start our adventure. Whatever happens and wherever we go from there is a mystery even to us at this point. As long as we can afford to keep travelling and making games, we will!  Dave is a keen games designer and an awesome writer. If you fancy supporting our ludicrous journey on Patreon, or if you want to hire us, please get in contact. We need food and beer…